January 27, 2019


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Wellbeing Day 2019



A day of Wellbeing at Slepe Hall Hotel

Morning and afternoon workshops include
– Pilates (Claire Beesley)
– Yoga (Nicola Guitart)
– Health Coaching and Breathing techniques (Julie Grint)
– Nutritionist (Michelle Chester)
Weight loss and counting carbohydrates (Nicola Madden)

Includes a healthy lunch prepared by our chefs and teas/coffees

Bring your mat if you have your own, comfy clothes, extra warm clothes (as you might get cold during the relaxation)
Tickets £15 per person (price kept at original price)

Please call reception on 01480 463122 or email reception@slepehall.co.uk to book


My name is Julie Grint – The Love Your Life Coach – and I am an advocate for happy, healthy, stress-free living. Using Therapeutic Diet & Lifestyle Change I help people who are burnt out and depressed to remove stress from their body, transform their health & learn to love their life.

I’ll be talking about:

  • The importance of breathing and its function
  • The way stress impacts our breathing and its negative impact on the body
  • And I’ll be showing you a nifty breathing technique that can not only improve your health and reduce stress, but can even help you to lose weight!


Our Nutritionist is Michelle Chester of Koru Clinic:

I spent 5 years studying a BSc in Nutritional Therapy with the University of West London and I am currently undertaking an MSc in eating disorders and clinical nutrition at University College London.

My clients can literally be anyone; Old/young, healthy/unwell, fit/unfit. Everyone can benefit by eating foods that support your own unique genetic makeup, lifestyle and environment. Although nutritional therapy is the application of nutritional science to promote health my approach also focuses on how to support clients to make the necessary changes, by helping them to gain skills, knowledge and confidence. It’s easy to understand what we should eat, but not so easy to actually stick to the plan. Particularly when we are faced with daily challenges such as cakes at work, hectic lifestyles with no time to cook from scratch and a family who won’t try anything new, the list goes on…. I will help to provide support unique to you, your family and lifestyle.

Workshop: PILATES

Meet Claire Beesley – Our Pilates Professional (Beyond the Mat Pilates)

I am a fully qualified Level 3 Pilates Instructor, training in classical Pilates for 9 months with one of the UK’s longest established fitness industry training experts. I have been doing Pilates for over 20 years, starting when I was a student at Rambert Ballet School in my late teens. I’m also a qualified Yoga Instructor, studying with Bridget Woods-Kramer of Yoga Ltd in the Anusara style of yoga for 18 months in 2001/02. I hold diplomas in Holistic Therapies and Stress Management with a Level 3 qualification in Anatomy and Physiology. My knowledge and understanding of the body and movement, dance, Pilates and yoga extend back more than 20 years and I draw on all of my expertise in these disciplines when I teach.

I work with people of all ages and backgrounds from teenage dancers right up to retirement age business consultants in my classes and on a 121 basis. My specialist area of interest is in dance due to my background, but I also love working with people who have issues with their posture, body image, muscle tone and the general aches and pains of modern living. I help them reduce pain, reconnect with their bodies, improve their overall tone and body alignment and have a better sense of wellbeing. I will soon be taking further qualifications in postnatal and orthopaedic Pilates.

My belief is that Pilates is a wonderful foundation to build innate strength in the body, allowing practitioners to achieve the physical goals they’ve set themselves.



Meet Nicola Madden our Dietician

We Educate, Liberate, Motivate our clients to take back control.

Completely Nutrition focuses on teaching the science of food through simple and engaging sessions with a certified dietician, liberating you to make the right decisions for your health and motivating you to achieve your long-term goals.

Your health your decision.


Workshop: YOGA

Meet Nicola Guitart

Nicola has been teaching dance, fitness, pilates and yoga for most of her adult life and enjoys bringing classes into the community where they can be enjoyed by everyone. Yoga especially, is now more accessible and far less of a mystery, we can all get involved.
Nicola’s teaching style is compassionate to the everyday person who would like to incorporate a regular yoga practice into their existing lifestyle. “I believe that classes should be uplifting, fun, focused and for everyone. We should be able to laugh, wobble and rest when we need to. Life itself can be a challenge at times and the yoga mat is the perfect place to give you space, quieten the mind, give you chance to move the body and create some great energy flow. You can carry this forward and the effects last much longer than the yoga practice itself. ”
Nicola will teach a short taster which is suitable for complete beginners but will also be appreciated by the well-practiced yogis too.
You can find Nicola’s classes on her booking site .
Or on her website: WWW.TGSDANCE.COM
Or you can message her directly through Facebook and messenger. (Nicola Guitart wellness)