September 20, 2019

Jazz & Blues Festival 2019: The Goods


Name The Old Riverport Jazz Category Live Music


As part of the Old Riverport Jazz & Blues Festival ST Ives 2019 Slepe Hall will partake in the festival with some great music…. come along on and join us in the bar where you can enjoy a drink or even some food.

Friday 20th September and listen to ‘The Goods’ for some Funk & Classic Jazz


The Goods are an incredible foursome, consisting of

Gerard Marco, age 16, plays bass guitar, age 16, and lives in St Ives;

Oli Smith, age 13, plays Alto Sax;

Ollie Talbot, age 15, plays drum kit

Dom Howard, age 16, electric guitar.


John Souter, Festival organiser, says, ‘Their combined age still doesn’t qualify for a bus pass, but their talent is timeless and a year on from their debut at the Festival be prepared to enjoy some classic jazz numbers mixed with a little funk. GOOD eh!’


Ollie, Oli and Dom have played together since January 2017 as founding members of the Cambridge Jazz Youth Band. In March 2018, they set up, with Gerard,The Goods to write and perform jazz funk songs. When a Festival supporter heard Oli and Dom busking in Cambridge, both the band and The Goods were invited to perform at last year’s festival. Their well-received performances were followed by invitations to play at the St Ives ‘Picnic in the Park’ and return to this year’s festival.


The band have prepared two specialsets for the Slepe Hall Hotel concert.


The first set, ‘cocktail hour,’ will comprise smooth jazz, music to relax to with a well-earned end of the week drink. For the second set, ‘Goods In,’ the band will amp up the energy with their interpretations of jazz standards along with their own jazz / funk songs.